Design Studio

Wookmama is a design studio based in Nantes, France.

• We define visual languages for companies or products
• We design and build digital products or experiences
• We create high-quality visual content for campaigns

We focus on what we do best. For other disciplines, we have developed a vast network of talented partners over the last 15 years : from developers and coding genius, to film producers or cutting-edge printers, both in Europe and the United States. This allows us to provide a holistic approach to all projects, whether for large companies, agencies or startups.

What we do.

• Visual idendity
• Websites
• Products
• Color Consulting
• Packagings
• Photography
• 3D modeling
• 3D rendering
• Print design
• Books
• Guidelines
• Toolkits
• Illustration


The story so far.

Wookmama was founded by award-wining creative Julien Derreveaux. After 15+ years of experience in prestigious creative agencies (BETC Digital, AKQA SF) and "in-house" (four-years Creative Director at Dolby) accross different continents and cultures, the idea of a different kind of creative process germinated. In 2018 he moved back to Europe in order to start his own practice with a different approach.

Wookmama would help agencies and brands to produce creative faster, and allow startups to get award-wining visual experiences in a rapid and cost-efficient way.

The method is fairly simple. Less cook in the kitchen but a narrow team of very (pluri-)talented people with a hands-on approach: Ideation, conception and design are from the same brains. This allows us to move at a faster pace for clients anywhere in the world, with less rounds of internal reviews before presentations.

And because we focus only on a few projects at the time, it gets our full passion and dedication, maintaining the integrity of the creative part.

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